About me

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my travel blog. My name is Kaja and I am a crazy polish girl currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since I remember, I have always loved to travel and visit new places. As a child, I used to travel a lot with my parents, and I think that is why I decided to study tourism and I travel around every time my finances and time let me.

I am a travel agent, working with leisure segment.  Every free moment I have I spend traveling and planning new travels with reasonable prices. I am not any more a student, however still I prefer to travel budget but comfortable 😊. I value privacy, so I prefer to spend a bit more rather than sharing a room with 10 people in a hostel 😉.

My plan is to write here some useful tips about how to plan cheap travels, own experiences from my journeys, and much more. I hope you will enjoy reading my fun anecdotes and valuable advice, and that you will let me to take you with me through the magical word of traveling.

See you on the road,